Focus on Manufacturing

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Long-Term Commitment to Society & Company Growth

Manufacturing - Operational Agility

Our manufacturing units operate in a closed loop philosophy where we are able to continuously optimise our processes and improve the product quality. This has made us an attractive low cost source of quality products, for customers of any size, big or small. Since its inception (circa 1967), Mattrix Sports has been serving to diverse consumer needs around the world. This has only been made possible by adapting a highly integrated and a flexible approach, enabling all internal business units to work efficiently and cope with diverse customer requirements.

Sales & Distribution - The Kanban Approach

We at Mattrix Sports strongly believe in building strong and lasting partnerships with our customers. To offer this level of service to our UK customers we have setup a dedicated team based at Southampton in the UK. This is enabling us to offer a unique proposition to the UK sports retailers, distributers & ecommerce businesses as these customers can simply place orders and purchase products directly from our UK establishment, eliminating hassle and risk involved in importing directly from overseas. Geographically being based in close proximity to our customers has allowed us in staying true to the Kanban approach, as we can offer just in time stock supply to our customers, allowing them to reduce inventory overheads and operate flexibly in response to the changes in demand.